Secura Factors is a University of Venice spin-off company and an innovative start-up founded in 2021 developing advanced solutions for the security of robotic systems.

Why are we here

Automated systems connected to the Internet are increasingly pervasive, and for this reason it is important to effectively guarantee their security. Regulatory bodies and industry continuously work to define the highest safety and reliability standards.

However, given the growing complexity of these systems, it is necessary to have an automated system capable of ensuring that these standards are met.

What is missing today is a system capable of analyzing and verifying the IoT system as a whole instead of doing it separately for the single components.

What we do

We provide advanced solutions and services for the security of robotic systems.

  • Our core activity is the development of verification tools for industrial IoT and robotic systems
  • We also offer tailor-made training and consultancy services on application security and secure coding
  • We are a research-intensive company and actively look for collaborations. Our team members are involved in several national and international research projects, take a look here.

How we do it

Relying on academic and industrial experience, we want to offer an ad-hoc solution to the emerging security needs of Industrial IoT systems

  • specific for robotic systems
  • simplifying the cybersecurity analysis
  • based on formal methods: the science of correct algorithms.

The traditional approach is to ensure physical security by isolating the individual components. But due to the very nature of robotic systems, and their increasing complexity, these simple solutions are not enough anymore.

We address the problem through a complete vision of the system, through semantic analysis aimed at safety and security, based on software.

For more detail on our scientific approach, please look at the publications of our team.

What’s new?

[July 13th, 2021]

Our CTO Ruffin has just been invited as panelists of the Cyber Panel at the next ERMINe (Enterprise Risk Management International Network) forum! The annual event includes about 120 members from over 25 countries, belonging to institutions, industry and research, and will be organized on 5 and 6 October 2021 at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency in Rome. The title of this year’s forum is The Changing World. Sustainability, climate, ESG, Cyber Threats, Resilience, Organizational Integration – Vs ERM: Risk managers at a crossroad and is focused on profound changes taking place and on the role of Risk Managers.

[May 24th, 2021]

Our team will collaborate in the VIR2EM project (VIrtualization and Remotization for Resilient and Efficient Manufacturing). The project proposes to use virtualization technologies for processes, systems, and resources to foster remote operations. Funded by Regione Veneto as part of the Reti Innovative Regionali (RIR) initiative, it foresees a strong collaboration between companies and the world of research with the University of Padua, Verona, and the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. More details here.

Our team

A brief history of Secura Factors

Secura Factors was born on the basis of a company project “Factors”, which started to take form in early 2020. Here you can see our very first presentation video “Factors in one minute”.

The project won the ICT category in the start-up competition StartCup Veneto in October 2020.

It was also selected to participate in the national competition Premio Nazionale per l’ Innovazione in November 2020 (but this time we didn’t win!) You can see our PNI pitch video here.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us on LinkedIn or drop an email at

Or you can visit our offices at the Ca’ Foscari campus: Edificio Zeta – 155 Via Torino, 30170 Mestre (VE), Italy